The First Hedge Fund-As-A-Service platform

Unlock financial opportunities that were previously exclusive to large corporations.

iTripwiz offers customized solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to manage risk and optimize cash flow.

Stay ahead of a crisis
iTripwiz offers a range of sophisticated financial products designed to protect your business from risks.
No risks on your end
We prioritise safety and only use our own funds to help your business generate profits, especially during challenging times.
Trust = transparency iTripwiz dashboard
We provide complete transparency, allowing you to track our progress in real-time via our dashboard
Protect your business
Implement strategies to help it thrive even in challenging times.
  • Innovative solution.
    We are an innovative startup supported by FrenchTech
  • Tailor-made.
    Our solutions are exclusive for each business and each situation
  • Focused on help.
    iTripwiz is focused on supporting SMEs that are struggling during difficult times
  • Big Data.
    We are collecting and working with Big Data to help our strategies be future focused
  • SMB’s focus only.
    iTripwiz works exclusively with small and medium-sized businesses, allowing us to better understand their unique challenges and limitations compared to banks and larger corporations
  • AI powered.
    Our AI developments help us to shape our analysis and decision making process
Experience the benefits of our first Hedge Fund-As-A-Service for yourself and see how we can help you hedge your risks and increase profits.
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